Course Setup and Management

VIP faculty who are ready to list courses for their teams should use the X92 house numbers for directed research. For the course prefix, the instructor’s home department should be used (for example, GEOG for the School of Geography, Development & Environment), and courses should be cross-listed as needed to reflect the home departments of any other involved faculty.

Funding Opportunities

Competitive funding ($2,500) is available through the Undergraduate Research Partnership for faculty to create new VIP sections or expand the number of students they can accommodate in an existing VIP. Expansion funds are meant to compensate faculty time for preparing additional research experiences. Funds are also available to support paid student research employees.

Please visit the Undergraduate Research Partnership Faculty Challenge Grant web page for more information.

Undergraduate Research Listings

Established VIP courses can be included in the undergraduate research database maintained by Research, Innovation & Impact (RII). Please visit the RII website for information on how to use the UAVitae system to list your courses.

Additional Considerations

  • To enable course evaluations for X92 courses that enroll more than five students, please contact the Office of Instruction & Assessment to request an override of the “no course evaluations” setting.
  • Please also contact if Honors units need to be applied to your course.
  • VIP faculty who wish to enroll first-year students should confirm with their curriculum coordinator or academic affairs departments that there are no eligibility barriers.
  • Laboratory-based VIPs may need to define their courses as workshops, since laboratory courses often require more contact hours than VIP teams typically require.