Environment and Resilience Teams

The Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR) supports interdisciplinary faculty, students, and campus entities focused on environmental challenges and solutions. Among these, AIR helps to coordinate research efforts and student engagement with a focus on environment and resilience. When possible, AIR also seeks to provide seed funding to initiate Vertically Integrated Projects (VIPs) that fall under the umbrella of environment and resilience, wherein students become integral to authentic discovery and knowledge development within and across world-class UArizona disciplines. The goal is for these VIPs to be a cornerstone methodology within a cohesive program inspired by the value of authentic student engagement as well as by developing resilience-oriented solutions, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and other frameworks for approaching global grand challenges. The VIPs will provide project-based research experiences across a diversity of environment options and showcase an explicit coordination and support of programs and pathways for all students.

Included in the inaugural 2021 portfolio of Environment and Resilience VIPs formed by receiving AIR seed grants for student support — focused on increasing the accessibility of research opportunities for underrepresented groups — and spanning a broad range of fields. This interdisciplinary cluster of VIPs investigates ways we may increase our environmental and/or social resilience, particularly with accelerating changes to climate and ecosystems.

Students interested in applying for a team can check the Application Process section on its team page. If no application information is provided, they can fill out a VIP Interest Form.