iVoices Student Media Lab

Photo: Christina, #WOCinTech Chat | wocintechchat.com | CC BY 2.0


At iVoices we produce, teach, and learn from students' stories about technologies in their lives, through teaching, media production, research, and scholarship.

Issues Involved or Addressed

Our main focus areas and research questions include…

  • How tech experiences shape learning engagement.
    • How do undergraduate students' experiences with technologies shape their engagement in learning throughout their college careers? 
  • How student perspectives enrich scholarship.
    • In what ways do students’ narratives around technologies enrich new media scholarship?
  • Integrating student knowledge into curricula.
    • How do we best integrate student knowledge around technologies into new media curricula?
  • Training students in media production and leadership.
    • What are the impacts of training students in media production and leadership on students and their communities?
  • Best practices for a student media lab in higher education.
    • What are best practices for a media lab around student perspectives on social and educational technologies?

Additionally, beginning in Spring 2021, we are broadening our focus to include information, misinformation, and disinformation.

  •  Using collaborative media analysis and story production to fight disinformation.
    • What practices and strategies are most successful in leveraging social identity and feedback toward the reinforcement of science and debunking of disinformation? 

Methods and Tech

We work with qualitative research methodologies, data analysis, visualization, and sonification, and media production skills.

Academic Majors of Interest

Any interested students can apply.

Preferred Interests and Preparation

We are looking for students with media production skills including video production, audio production, graphic and visual design, data visualization, and game development. For collection development, we also seek students working with information organization and taxonomy development, data science, and the use of Pressbooks or other WordPress derivatives.

Application Process

Interested students should visit our website at https://ivoices.ischool.arizona.edu/ and email didaly@arizona.edu to join or learn more. 

Team Advisor