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VIP Consortium

The VIP Consortium is an alliance of institutions that have successfully implemented the VIP program and are committed to its continued improvement and dissemination. To date, 44 institutions across the globe have joined the VIP Consortium, and thousands of students participate in VIP programs at member institutions.

In the VIP Consortium, each member institution adapts the model to its own unique environment, using a well validated set of program elements and custom-built tools for program management and assessment. Essential characteristics of VIP institutions include:

  • VIP program led by a faculty member with a VIP team
  • Projects embedded in professors’ scholarship and exploration efforts
  • Large-scale projects lasting years or decades
  • Multidisciplinary teams
  • Graded, for-credit program participation
  • Incentives for students to participate for two or more years
  • Classroom and collaboration space to support teams
  • Learning outcomes, including disciplinary and professional skills
  • Team topics based on faculty interests and student enrollment based on personal interest

The VIP Consortium was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in Georgia in 2019 with support from an ABET Innovation Award. For further information about the VIP Consortium and participating institutions, visit