John Pollard, PhD

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Student Success Honors College

Professor of Practice, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

John Pollard is the Associate Dean for Academics for the UA Honors College and an Associate Professor of Practice in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona.  John is an award winning educator who is the co-author of the nationally recognized Chemical Thinking curriculum and associated ebook. In addition, John has authored a number of popular YouTube and TedEd videos centered around fundamental ideas in general chemistry. He is an expert and advocate for evidence-based instructional practices and spearheaded the Collaborative Learning Space movement on campus, where traditional spaces are transformed into classrooms that facilitate active learning. John is a University of Arizona Faculty Fellow and leads a program called Student Advocates for Improved Learning (SAIL), which is designed to educate students on the best practices of learning so that they can go into the campus community and share this knowledge with their peers. Learning theories and practice are also at the center of John's research as he studies how metacognition, self-reported learning, and group interactions influence learning outcomes during active learning in Collaborative Learning Space environments.